Saturday, April 23, 2011

FP511e „eGon“ new electric racecar with basalt fiber trim parts

Processing of the basalt fiber fabric during laminat

Incotelogy ( sponsored this year a successful project of WHZ Racing Team Zwickau ( – the design and construction of a modern electric racing car FP511e - called "eGon".
The previous racing car models were made either of fiber glass or carbon fiber. This year the WHZ Racing Team decided to use basalt fiber fabrics for the construction of different parts of the car. The reasons for this decision were the key competition requirements which include environmental as well as financial aspects in the design and construction of the racing car.
Basalt fiber products comply with these requirements in the best way. 

Main characteristics:
  • ·         Accelerates: in only 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h
  • ·         Weight: 260 kilograms
  • ·         Total power: 78 kilowatt or more than 100 horsepower
  • ·         Top Speed: 130 km/h

You can find more information, photos and video about "FP511e" and rollout event on our online-store website under applications-button or direct under

We are proud to present you the new electric racing car "FP511e" at the exhibition "Composites Europe 2011" in Stuttgart, Germany at 27th-29th September 2011 ( Visit our stand C2/A37!  Just be there and meet us!

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