Monday, August 26, 2013

Press information - Incotelogy Ltd., Basalt Fiber Products

INCOTELOGY Ltd is presenting a new generation of coated basalt fiber fabrics

How successful and cost-effective the new innovative products of basalt fiber can replace the carbon and glass fiber shows Incotelogy Ltd. at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013 in Stuttgart.. Due to their superior mechanical, chemical and thermal properties the basalt fiber can substitute glass and carbon fiber in fast all areas of composite application. In addition, basalt fiber products offer good opportunity to a significant reduction of the non-recyclable materials.

At its stand 4/E27 Incotelogy Ltd shows a new generation of the coated basalt fiber fabrics. The selection of possible coating materials is rather large from aluminum (Al), chromium (Cr) or copper (Cu) to silver (Ag).

The basalt fiber fabric is ideal for all applications where it comes to the temperature resistance, insulation, fire protection and fire-resistance: fire curtains, insulation textiles, textile heat shields, incombustible architecture textiles. Basalt fibers withstand temperatures up to 750 °C.
Such specific coating of plain or twill basalt fabrics can create for each potential application the benefit profile which allows to fully exploit the special properties of the basalt fiber fabric.

The coated with aluminum 3D Basalt fabric, which was developed specifically for design applications, can be used for example for special decorative surfaces for reception desks, kitchens or displays etc.. The objects that are enhanced with these fabrics, get a unique, three-dimensional structure.

Basalt fiber is a natural product. There aren’t any chemical changes during the manufacturing of basalt fibers. Also in the LCA assessment (LCA), basalt fibers show much better results tha glass or carbon fiber.
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