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Biax and Carbon Kevlar/Basalt Sandwich Light Technology

Biax and Carbon Kevlar/Basalt Sandwich Light Technology

Top quality and high-tech specification Biax Carbon has a perfect weight to stiffness ratio as a result of it´s very fine weave, plus has fantastic dynamic flex. In combination with PVC Sandwich Technology and Glass reinforcements, it provides a perfect stiffness/flex/weight ratio on the Falcon Slalom line. We used the same basic construction for our Freeride Limited Edition boards, except that on the deck we have a full Carbon Kevlar layuo which has a better shock absorbing character than pure carbon, for more comfort, whilst offering a very stiff and light performance, which is needed for these high performance Freeride/FreeRace boards (Shark LTD/Hawk LTD/Ray LTD). On the bases of the LTD boards we have the new innovative Basalt cloth, a cloth which is not only technically superior to many other standard cloths, but also environment friendlier in both the creation and re-cycling thereof. All of these models are produced with the light finish sanded look, for extra weight savings, whilst the new polished and airbrushed rails and bases are the ultimate optic for 2011!
Ray / Ray LTD

We know you’re addicted to speed, so the Rays are the quickest, cleanest and most functional freerace boards we’ve ever made. To keep your bones from shaking, our CAD database sculpted 4 models giving you all the benefits of our Race-tuned scoop rocker line, thinner rails and refined double concaves for acceleration and power through chop. Available in both high-value, eco-friendly and clear wood optic construction as well as our high tech LTD Edition, with polished rails and bottoms and a high tech Carbon Kevlar deck (Carbon Kevlar / Basalt Sandwich Light).

Key Features
- Wider, shorter outlines
- Race team scoop rocker line
- 75° pintail for drag reduction and gybing
- Thinner rails for carving
- Double concave nose section for early planing and cutting through chop
- New Power V bottom for high-speed control
- Clean design and functional shape with a high performance and comfort factor

Peter Volwater (H-24) Lancelin Ocean Classic Marathon Winner 2010 and regular Top-10 PW A Racer
“At national or international level the Ray’s the perfect board for long-distance racing. At just a fraction of the Falcon’s top speed, your legs will thank you for choosing the extra comfort to stay faster for longer!

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