Saturday, November 19, 2011


The new Avenger 82 Basalt is a versatile expert level all-mountain/on-trail ski. PowerTurn 100% traditional camber profile provides maximized power, energy and performance while carving strong turns. The classic sandwich construction with vertical sidewalls has a new layer of Basalt with Titanium stringers to remove vibration, improve snow contact and give a solid damp feel without the added weight of full metal laminates. With an all-mountain tip and wider waist, the 82 Basalt rails on hardpack while still displaying the all-mountain versatility to blast through any snow condition. The new Avenger 82 Basalt is loaded with horsepower and has the rock solid stability and edging power for hard charging technical skiers.
80% Frontside / 20% Backside
IB: Axium 120

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