Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fire Test of Basalt Fiber Needle-Punched Mat


Basalt needle-punched mat is formed due to multiple needle puncturing without any binder. Traditional thermal insulation is made using the chemical binder, which release toxic gases during decomposition – such as phenol, phormaldehyde, etc.
The base material for basalt needle-punched mats is the continuous basalt fiber with monofilament diameter 10-13 micron, whereas in other products like mineral wool the fiber diameter is 3-4 micron. Such materials are carcinogenic, as opposed to BMN mats.
Basalt needle-punched mat does not shrink while assembling and expoloitation. Consequently, no gaps arise between the insulation material and the insulated surface. The mat is easelly cutted, flexible and as a result easy to process. The mat is highly resistable to aggessive media.


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